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From Concern to Action:
A Parents Journey Through Special Education

Parent Academy

Building Bridges: Understanding the Journey

Unlock & Elevate Your Understanding of the Special Education System with Our
FREE 1-Hour Virtual Mini Academy!

Registered Participants Receive a FREE 15-Minute Private Consultation and a FREE Digital Download of Your Choice!

Special Education Advocacy in the Palm of Your Hands

Coming Late July 2024

Get Ready for Back-to-School

10am ~ 11am

Unlock the Special Education Process

What you'll learn:

  • Identification and Referral

  • Evaluation

  • IEP Meeting

  • Development of the IEP

  • Implementation

  • Review and Revision

  • Parental Rights and Procedural Safeguards

*This session is tailored for individuals with limited to no prior knowledge of the Special Education process.

Discover Your Power

Special Education Advocacy in the Palm of Your Hands

Coming Late July 2024

Get Ready for Back-to-School

10am ~ 11am

Elevate Your Understanding of Special Education

What you'll learn:

  • Evaluation and Eligibility

  • Participation in IEP Meetings

  • Individualized Goals

  • Special Education and Related Services

  • Placement and Least Restrictive Environment

  • (LRE)

  • Annual and Triennial Review

*This session is tailored for individuals with some prior knowledge of the Special Education process.

Take Control


  • Parent & Guardians

  • Caregivers

  • Families seeking support


  • Empower Yourself

  • Gain Confidence

  • Access Resources


  • Interactive Workshop

  • Expert Guidance

  • Q&A Sessions

Online Saturday Academy Registration Back-to-School Interest Form (Late July 2024)

"Thank you for your interest! More information will be provided at the beginning of July 2024. If you have any questions, please send us an email at We can't wait to connect with you soon!"

Our Services

Special Education Demystified: A Parents Roadmap

Advocacy Services

Advocacy Services

In partnership with area advocates (non-attorneys), we offer support and guidance to parents who don't want to navigate the complex landscape of special education services for their children on their own.

*May Include

  • Comprehensive Review of Records

  • Advocacy Planning

  • Meeting Attendance 

  • More

Parent Advocacy Coaching
Special Education Testing and Accommodations

Parent Advocacy Coaching

We provide coaching services to help parents build the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the special education system and advocate successfully for their child's educational needs on their own. 

May Include

  • Comprehensive Review of Records

  • Advocacy Coaching

  • More

Testing and Assessments

We conduct testing to evaluate a student's performance in academic subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics to help identify challenges in specific areas. 

*Assessments and services in other areas are through our partnerships.

Speech Services

  • Phoenix Pediatric Therapy Services

        P: 240-425-8605

Male Teacher with Students

Small Group Specialized Tutoring

Led by experienced educators, our program provides personalized attention and tailored instruction to address each student's individual learning needs.

Form Letters, Checklist and Guides

Form Letters, Checklist & Guides

We've done the work for parents with our preformatted form letters, one of a kind IEP Meeting Step-by-Step Guides and K-12 Curriculum Guides.

Community Connections

Community Connections for Families

We assist parents by connecting them with support systems, and networks within the local community to enhance the well-being of the families. 

Thanks for Visiting Us: Your FREE Gift Awaits!

"Deciphering Academic Impact Checklist"

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Our Clients

In Their Own Words: Client Testimonials

Thankful for someone coming to visit the school with me. They placed my son in a smaller class size as we requested. God put her in our path for a reason.

  - Baltimore County, Maryland, Parent

I thank your team for assisting me with transferring my son's IEP from another state. 

- Plainfield, New Jersey, Parent

Your team coached me from the beginning to the very end. I felt heard and seen for the first time.

- Charles County, Maryland, Parent

You said you would lessen my anxiety. You did! You said you would teach me the entire process. You did! You said I would be able to part ways with you and continue the process on my own. I can, but I won't! Shouting with praise all the way from Florida, I thank you for your professionalism and extreme knowledge.

- Osceola County, Florida, Parent

I can't thank this team enough for helping me get the most appropriate academic disability label for my son. I felt taken advantage of before your team stepped in and supported me through this process.

- Montgomery County, Maryland, Parent

A big THANK YOU for helping me with the Special Education Process virtually here in North Carolina. My daughter is back to a full day schedule. 

- Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Parent

Coming 2024

Let the APP Keep Track: 
Advocacy in the Palm of Your Hands

Advocacy in the Palm of Your Hand

Online Courses: 
Learning at Your Finger Tips

Online Conference

About Us

Special Education Accountability Systems (SEAS), LLC is an educational solutions minority-owned corporation. We specialize in empowering, educating and supporting parents of children with special education needs through the IEP process.


Special Education Accountability Systems (SEAS), LLC’s vision for the future is that there will be total transparency between the school systems and parents, through the advancement of technology, which allows them to follow their child through the special education process from beginning to end no matter which state they reside.

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